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Lightyear Leadership Certified Coach – 
Lightyear Leadership Website

Geotran Coach –
In individual session, you will learn how to use the language of Geotran to integrate personal health, healing and success.

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on Geotran website.
*Click on GEMS of Excellence Introduction


Geotran Coach –
In individual session, you will learn how to use the language of Geotran to integrate personal health, healing and success.
Link to see program,
available dates

on Geotran website.
*Click on GEMS of Excellence Introduction

Lightyear Leadership equips you with tools
to navigate the Adventure of Life.

Learning the Lightyear principles lights a path to a fulfilling future. You will learn to:
  • Visualize your future and chart a path to get there
  • Write and set goals to track your progress
  • Participate in weekly calls for insight and guidance
  • Engage with community to hold you accountable

Understanding the principles of Lightyear Leadership guided me to learn

how easy and fun it is to live a life of compassion and kindness to others and myself. Earlier in my life, I had been afraid to engage in the excitement and enjoyment of life because I did not believe in myself. I felt shame being with family and friends because I compared myself. I missed the joy of succeeding at work and recognizing my own achievements. In Lightyear, I learned that my desire to give to others and to myself was part of my divine plan. Practicing the principles and teaching those principles to others enabled me to forgive and value myself. With that foundation, I realized creating my future was limitless and today was the day to begin. I understood that I was not alone and had community support and colleagues to help me to be accountable to myself to pursue my dreams.

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GEOTRAN is the language and the tool for rapid personal transformation.

Through brain-mind re-education, you will turn on your subconscious will to succeed . . . and keep it on! 

  • Uncover the real YOU – you are a masterpiece of creation!  
  • Cast-off limitations which have determined your life and held you back.
  • Free yourself from self-sabotage like “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t”.

GEOTRAN allows you to go beyond the more obvious, to the real core of any problem – the information fields. Through GEOTRAN, these information fields can be changed and reprogrammed. You can choose the new information to act on the goals you want. 

  • Learn to de-stress any past or present trauma or stress.
  • Learn to clear away issues about how you see, learn, and comprehend yourself and the world.
  • Learn to improve the way you communicate with others and yourself.
  • Learn to restore your ability to receive all that life has to offer you.

The introductory Gems of Excellence course allows you to push past your limitations and to be all you want to be!

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Triple-P-Logo_script copy

This Triple P Level IV Standard Program is for parents with children with behavioral difficulties.  Parents will receive :

  • Intensive support to change patterns from unproductive to rewarding
  • A more in-depth understanding of the core Triple P parenting principles
  • individual counseling which covers 10-12 sessions of the core principles
  • Triple P Level IV video examples
  • Triple P Level IV workbook support
  • More support than the online Triple P program
  • Develop your child’s emotional coping skills
  • Encourage behavior you like
  • Teach new skills and support learning
  • Manage misbehavior
  • Deal with disobedience
  • Plan ahead to prevent problems
  • Make shopping fun
  • Raise confident, capable kids

Learn more about the principles in the online program.

  • Support your teenager and create more positive interactions
  • Negotiate boundaries and expectations
  • Encourage behavior you like
  • Deal calmly with conflict
  • Prepare for risky situations
  • Raise confident, capable teenagers

Learn more about the principles in the online program.

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About Dr. Debbie

  • Accredited Triple P Parent Trainer: 0-12 Years, Level IV
  • Accredited Triple P Parent Trainer: 10-16 years, Level IV
  • Certificated School Guidance Counselor, PreK – grade 12
  • Certificated Early Childhood, Middle Childhood Teacher

  • For credential verification, please click “public search” with this link and put in last name, Andorka: Click here
My passion working with children, parents, families and adults is to guide them in self-care to have a happy and fulfilling life. My goal is to provide choice for families to uncover ineffective patterns in order to facilitate positive replacement skills, and to build a foundation of love and trust.



“Debbie has a heart for serving and uplifting others. Working with Debbie supported me in seeing my experiences in a new light and bringing a deeper level of compassion and acceptance into my life. Her empathy, listening, and ability to bring fun and play into the experience has always made me feel supported and light.”


“Ms. Debbie Andorka is an excellent teacher. She’s patient, supportive and really knows how to motivate her students. She’s great at building confidence and keeping lessons fun and engaging through a variety of activities that improve conversation, writing and reading skills. She is one of the best teachers around and I highly recommend her to anyone.”


“I would like to extend a glowing recommendation to Ms Debbie Andorka. Ms Debbie Andorka is always going above and beyond to help anyone who needs assistance in her classes. She is very much hands-on with all aspects of teaching and motivating her students in a positive manner. She has the ability to keep things very fun and engaging with her students. I trust her abilities and am happy to say that she is one of the best teachers that i know.”

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